Bitclub Network update

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Bitclub Network update on the status of Phase 2:
1. New site and back office with upgraded functionality is just days away if not sooner.

2. Confirmed 1,000 PHs of power going online around July 15th. (1 PHs is the size of Office Depot full of servers)

3. Confirmed Montana data center will be up and running by August and by September we should have 2,500 PHs of power or more.

4. Bitclub Network will be at 12% to 15% of the bitcoin blockchain!! Not even Apple or IBM have 12% of their market.

5. This power will make our individual machines mine much more.

6. And another awesome mega news...This is really big and will put this company ahead of any mining company in the world.

Bitclub Network company has created the highest financial leverage compared to any other medium in the world and it's about to go into Phase2.

Phase one was $2.5 billion in three years. Phase two will be over $10 billion.

The biggest money with Bitcoin in direct marketing will be made inside the next 3 years with this company

Text: Megamonster Joerg Wittke / gesehen auf Facebook